Should we be afraid of Halloween?

Should we be afraid of Halloween?

Should we be afraid of Halloween? Of course not, answers the Clermont-Ferrand psychologist Martine Malterre, who finds several virtues in this festival from elsewhere.

Halloween is funny. But not only. Focus by Martine Malterre, psychologist, for parents hostile to parades of witches, vampires and other hilarious skeletons.

Halloween builds social bond

“It's a party that I like because the children get together, they are often in groups, there is a gregarious aspect. In Halloween, there are good values, it teaches sharing. In small towns and medium-sized towns, it mostly creates social ties. The elderly are very happy to see children. Every year, they wait for them with candy. And if they forget the candy, they give cakes. "

Halloween is the holiday of childhood

“It's funny to dress up, to stay in childhood. Children have to take advantage of it, eat candy, dress up ... Children are not going to get mean just because they are celebrating Halloween. Some will like the darker side, but it has to do with their personality. For most children, the main question is, "Am I going to collect a lot of candy?" After that, it all depends on the role of the parents. It is always good when parents accompany this party and supervise it. "

Halloween promotes creativity

“This feast during the All Saints' Day holidays is like a ritual of passage, the children are impatiently awaiting it. They think about their costume a long time in advance, they try on make-up, it allows them to take on another role, freeing the imagination and creativity. Really, it's a party that I like! "

“When I see parents who criticize Halloween, it's because they don't like the values ​​that this holiday can embody, with witches and rather mean and evil characters. Certainly, it is not a Catholic holiday, it is not in our culture. But it seems really safe to me, unless the child is unaccompanied. "

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