Squid Game: A Series With Terrifying Psychological Impacts

Squid game a series with terrifying psychological impacts

If he assures that at the base, he wanted "to write a story in the image of an allegory or a fable about modern capitalist society, something which portrays extreme competition, a bit like the extreme competition of life. "Squid Game" director and creator Hwang Donghyuk did more than that. The outrageously popular South Korean series on Netflix, in line with the Battle Royale, Black Mirror and The Hunger Games level in terms of violence on the screen.

The storyline of the Squid Game is quite original. It features Seong Gihun (Lee Jung-jae), a youngster heavily in debt, who has the distinction of being often struck by incredible bad luck. His financial needs force him to accept a proposal from a mysterious stranger: to play simple children's games for money. Except that we are far from the Coubertin spirit. Seong Gi-hun and the 455 other volunteer participants, who all have in common to be in financial difficulties, play the true one-or-two: Either win the game and receive 45.6 billion won (38.5 million dollars ) or lose and die.

Fascinatingly awesome, "Squid Game" is no less terrifying. Violence holds a preponderant place there. And even if it is banned at least 18 years old, it is difficult to understand how a series intended mainly for adolescents, is among the most watched on the American streaming platform without having been watched massively by the less than .. . 18 years old. However, it is agreed that violent images, fictitious or real, which are very frequent on screens, have a negative impact on adolescents.

For Dr Sabine Duflo, four major effects have been distinguished when adolescents and children are faced with violent content on the screens. “An increase in violent thoughts and behavior, a change in mood (the child is more anxious, sadder), a loss of empathy, physiological changes (increased heart rate, sweating)”, explains the clinical psychologist. Brutal games in “Squid Game” are no exception to the rule. They are quite violent and the fact that they are usually played by children adds a new level of horror to an already stressful situation.

Enough in any case to trigger the said four major effects. So how do you protect your children? It is true that once parents offer their toddlers phones, it is difficult to control their movie choices. Especially considering the pace of the editing and the chain of plots, it's almost impossible to stop watching the series. But it is still in the strings of parents to ban viewing from the first episode.

Indeed, it is possible at least to regulate this fascination which could turn into a harmful experience for adolescents and children. First, we should respect the signage and install parental controls. Then, "put in place a reasoned management of screen time. Without forgetting to ban the viewing of the series in question, while explaining the reasons for this ban when the child is old enough to understand. Finally, set an example, ”continues Sabine Duflo.

In short, the current era calls for the vigilance of parents more than ever. For his part, Hwang Dong-hyuk explained that the filming of the Netflix series was so long and exhausting that he does not plan to leave for the sequel of the Squid Gamein the short term. It's not that bad 

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