Bill Burr and mental health : Valuable lessons

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Bill burr and mental health

Long time fan of his performance, Bill Burr is one of the most successful comedians on earth, but his success didn’t come as easy as we might think. In this article we are going to learn some valuable lessons about mental health management from Bill and how he handled his daily psychological struggles.

Bill childhood stories

How many times did bill burr entertained us with his delightful childhood stories? It personally reminds me of “that 70’s show” a successful sitcom starred Topher grace, Ashton Kutcher and other more, imaginary taking place in the 70’s in Wisconsin, when Bill had actually had his childhood in this time frame. For those who didn’t watch the show, The father Red Forman was very tough on his sun Eric presented in a funny way. But according to Bill, these times have had an impact on his mental health resulting in uncontrolled temper. However, Bill didn’t allow this painful past get into him and took responsibility to seek help from a professional. We all have experienced in way or another some painful childhood events, with varying degree of severity of course, but we have to keep in mind that was the past, and now we have the power and full control to be responsible in the present moment. Childhood stigma is a serious ordeal, and if we kept dismissing it, it may evolve into some serious mental issue in our adulthood.

Bill burr and depression

Bill had his fair share of the illness of the century. Stress, depression and the struggle to achieve one’s goal. Bill didn’t actually suffer from a clinical depression which requires professional healthcare, he was just very susceptible to negative thinking because of what he had to face in his life, especially with his career choice. Choosing to become a comedian or other high-end careers, demand a lot of psychological resources and according to Bill himself if you are not there yet it is almost impossible to stay motivated. Bill has found a way around his negative thinking and practiced a technique called metacognition, which is the process of thinking about one's own thinking and learning. He silently observes his mind throwing bad thoughts and then catch it, then gives himself and ultimatum to go and do something productive or to curl up into a ball and just sit there. For years Bill kept pushing himself who eventually made it, and resulted into all those funny specials.

Bill and self-improvement

So, Bill is now aware of his mental situation, and being conscious about one’s psyche is an empowering step towards overcoming the condition. Therefore, he came out with a system to mitigate and fight those negative thoughts by acknowledging when they hit his mind then immediately starts pushing them away by shouting positive thoughts instead. Bill said that he literally shouts “F**k that! F**k that” to override his brain against those bad ideas that he was thinking about. I personally find this one particular phrase very helpful you can start using it as well, when bill was struggling to get into comedy clubs and fail over and over again and the fear of not being able to make his ends meet settles in, he started shouting “I am tougher than you New York!”, “I am tougher than you New York!”

Bill has baby stepped himself eventually to success, and this was a 15 to 20 years process. Giving up was not a choice for bill, and by using the right tools to manage his mental health, he beat down his demons and walked victorious to the point that he couldn’t believe that he has actually made it in this tough industry. We thank bill for his great shows and for being open to us to share those valuable lessons about life!

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