All You Need To Know About Drug Rehabilitation Centers

All you need to know about drug rehabilitation center

Alcohol or drug dependence: the consequences are heavy both for the addicted person and for his family and professional circle. Making the decision to end this addiction often needs to be followed by drug treatment backed by psychological support in a dedicated drug rehabilitation center.

Drug rehabilitation center: At home or in a specialized service, a question of the environment

If the dependent person decides to be accompanied by professionals during their withdrawal, they may be offered:

“Residential” weaning with a stay in a hospital or a specialized drug rehabilitation center.

“Outpatient” weaning with home treatment and close medical consultations.

Some drug rehabilitation centers offer an intermediate solution: "day hospitalization".

To make the choice of staying in a drug rehabilitation center, the professional and the dependent person take into account:

The intensity and duration of consumption,

The physical and psychological vulnerability of the dependent person,

The environment in which the dependent person operates.

If it is an alcohol or drug detox in a drug rehabilitation center, the average treatment time is between 2 to 4 weeks. However, after hospitalization, individualized monitoring can then be set up. Prescribed in the short term, benzodiazepines will initially reduce anxiety and insomnia and other effects associated with withdrawal from both drugs and alcohol. The drug detoxification cure must also be supplemented by the intake of vitamins B1 and PP in order to fill certain deficiencies.

The alcoholic detoxification cure also includes a rehydration phase associated with the intake of vitamins B1 and PP to fill the deficiencies.

Drug rehabilitation center may include other medications depending on the signs of withdrawal and how the addict feels.

In both cases, individualized and comprehensive (medico-psychosocial) and long-term support is provided with people in difficulty.

What is the cost of a drug rehabilitation center?

Many people don't know how much alcohol rehab costs and mistakenly think the prices are unaffordable. And yet, the United States has many hospital units and centers for addiction treatment, support and prevention for dependent people.

On the other hand, private drug rehabilitation centers are more expensive and at the expense of the patient. Some insurances may agree, under certain conditions, to reimburse part of the drug or alcohol detoxification cure. The cost of a detoxification treatment can however amount to several thousand dollars, depending on the length of stay.

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