The 5 Regrets Of People At The End Of Their Life

The 5 regrets of people at the end of their life

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who has worked in palliative care for many years. The context of her activity has allowed her to maintain deep connections with people at the end of their life.

Through her conversations, she collected the most important regrets that these people kept in them. She shared them through a book entitled "The 5 regrets of people at the end of life".

In this article, you will learn about these 5 biggest regrets. I will also invite you to take actions to enjoy your life in the present and thus avoid having these same regrets when it is too late.

Here are the 5 most important regrets

of people at the end of their life:

I would have preferred to live my life rather than that of others

We spend our lives doing what others expect of us. It starts in childhood when our parents choose activities for us. Then during adolescence when some teens move on to studies that their parents chose.

Then we continue in our adult life. We give to others and we forget ourselves. Sometimes we neglect ourselves. We do what is expected of us without sometimes asking ourselves what we would really like.

Some people don't really know each other. They don't know who they are and what they like. Others have desires and dreams but they put them aside to take care of their daily life, their family, their partner.

We do things that we don't necessarily want to do and we refrain from doing things that we would like to do.

Your turn now:

What are your desires and dreams? How could you do at least one in the next few months or in the next year?

Do you like your professional activity? Are you in your place or would you like to reorient yourself? How could you carry out this project?

Are you happy in your relationship? Or do you stay out of habit? What could you do to have a full and fulfilling relationship in your relationship?

What's the smallest step you could take to live your life better?

I should have worked less

Many people get involved in their work and neglect their personal lives: their family, their friends, their passions, their desires and their dreams. In short, they neglect their life.

This is all truer for people who are conscientious and perfectionists. They invest in their professional activity to provide security for their families. They move up the ranks. They have more responsibility and earn more money.

But this investment of time in their work comes at the expense of everything that gives real meaning to their life, that is, everything that is in the personal and family sphere.

Many people are left because they have neglected their relationship. And instead of learning from their mistakes, they invest even more in their work ... to forget their breakup.

They then spend their time running away from each other.

Professional activity is important. It allows us to feel useful and to earn money to please ourselves and to take care of our families and create beautiful memories. But it is important not to neglect certain areas of our life.

Your turn now :

Are you spending too much time at work to the detriment of your personal, family or romantic life?

What could you do to spend less time at work? Stop doing too much? Learn to say no, change jobs within the same company? Change company?

What's the smallest step you could take to rebalance your life?

I wish I had the courage to express my feelings

Many people do not dare to express their feelings:

1) They do not dare to say what they think and feel in order to avoid conflict.

2) They do not dare to express their love for the people they love (family, partner, etc.).

When it comes to conflicts, we don't like them. But when we have strong resentments and we keep them within us, they weigh on us and stay with us. A negative feeling that is not expressed verbally will be impressed on our body (stomach lump, muscle tension, ulcer, etc.). By avoiding conflict, we prevent ourselves from being ourselves. We are not genuine and we suffer from it.

When it comes to love, it's the day a loved one leaves us for good that we regret not telling them that we love them. Personally, I wish I had told my brother and father that I loved them. I didn't because I wasn't used to expressing my feelings. Today I have learned from the past. I tell my son every day that I love him and at least once a week to my partner. Perhaps again with too much modesty to my companion. I realize this as I write this article.

Your turn now :

Express your love: Immediately call someone you love (father, mother, brother, sister, children, partner) and who you never have that you love and tell them immediately. Do not wait. Don't put off this moment.

Express another feeling: Do you have something on your heart to express to someone around you? How could you express your feelings to him? At what moment? How? How will you feel after doing it?

I would have liked to keep in touch with my friends

Over time, children, work, moves, we sometimes cut ties with our friends or we see them less and less. We lock ourselves in our little life and thus, we gradually cut ourselves off from others. One day we realize that we hardly have any close friends anymore because we have neglected these friendships.

Your turn now :

Which friends would you like to see more often? How could you see them more often? Call and offer to see them in the next few days.

Make a list of old friends you would like to hear from. Then contact them one by one. Ask them how they are doing. And offer to see you again.

What's the smallest step you could take to reconnect with your friends or old friends?

I would have liked to grant myself a little more happiness

With age and responsibility, we lose touch with the "childish joy" that is us. We stay in our comfort, in our little habits, in our routine. We are afraid of novelty. We are less and less daring to step out of our comfort zone.

Yet there is always a part of us that dreams of adventure, discovery, newness. A part of us that wants to rediscover ourselves and feel alive again.

Your turn now:

What could you do to feel more alive in your life?

What unusual or unusual activities could you try?

What is it that you really want to do that is not reasonable?

What's the smallest step you could take to feel more alive in your life?

Now that you know these 5 regrets, which ones speak to you the most? Which ones would you like not to have? Share your feelings in a comment below the article.

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