Teenagers: How To Support Their Current Discomfort?

Teenagers: how to support their current discomfort?

Discomfort, various troubles … The media are full of these findings among adolescents today. Let's take a look at their symptoms, listening to what they really say about them. With a few keys to accompany them.

Many teenagers find it difficult to find this period which both brings their parents’ home and seems to keep them away. For their part, adults blame the situation for their children. They feel that they cannot offer them optimal conditions for school and social life. They themselves experience uncertainty day by day, and would like to hope for a better future for them. With the recurring regret of having educated them easily, without giving them the confidence they need for difficult times. “They were made to believe that life was well-being, permanent happiness. We haven't prepared them for adversity. "Here we have no choice. So, we have to learn quickly! ".

Surprised and worried adults, stressed adolescents

Maximum mental load for them, between the victim image conveyed on social networks, the fear of transmitting the virus and the feeling of "embarrassing". “We are a little too many! Says Lois, who talks about how many teenagers feel. “On a scale of 0 to 10, my stress level is 8! », Laments Amy. Lucas added: "Me, I try to weigh as little as possible, not to create a problem."

They feel like they are on the front lines, with the future ahead of them and an often-heavy present to go through. The challenge for them today is to conquer their space. Not that easy.

So how can we help them? Above all, listen to them without victimizing them, so that they find their proper place in family life. Encouraging them to participate actively, on a daily basis, allows them to act and move forward, thus developing their self-confidence. And, even from a distance, encourage them to develop their interactions with others, far from withdrawing.

This assumes, for their parents, to be there. Neither too close nor too far. By realizing the unsuspected resources of adolescents who are able to get through today's difficulties ... as long as they feel supported.

5 tips to support your teenager

- Give priority to family stability, in order to maintain a balance on a daily basis. For them, today, the family is a rock, the only place of safety. So now is not the time for big changes. A single upheaval is enough!

- Clarify the rules of common life, adapted to the current context, between negotiable and non-negotiable (time spent at screens, meal times, etc.). Thus, adolescents can find their place and take responsibility, with their parents and siblings.

- Streamline communication: do not allow tension to build up. Listen to them really, without preconceptions, without asking questions and answers … And beware of the feeling of intrusion, dreadful in adolescence! The door slammed? We take three steps back; we breathe and we postpone the explanation.

- Share with them something other than notes and homework, in order to forge a new bond and make them discover what they can rely on in themselves: qualities, skills, strengths, successes, …

- Encourage them to project themselves and develop perspectives: the situation will evolve and open up. Step by step, accompany them, in order to convey a constructive representation of the future.

… And trust each other, as parents!

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