7 signs that you should change jobs

7 signs that you should change jobs

What if it's time for you to quit your job, or even change lanes? Here are the signals that should get you thinking.

"This is not the right time", "I will never find better", "It's the crisis", "My job is not that bad" ... The excuses not to quit a job that does not pleases us more no shortage! For many, the longing for change will remain a sweet fantasy. "If you feel frustrated, if your needs are no longer being met, take the time to think it over," says Bérangère Toucheman, director of a management consulting and professional coaching firm in Toulouse. The signals are not the same for everyone, depending on what matters most to you in your job. Be careful, the change doesn't have to be drastic to make you feel better about your job. It could mean changing companies or sectors, developing a second activity ... ". The decline in enthusiasm is a real signal, insists the slasher

Hélène Picot, coach and founder of the "Dream, Dare, Go for it: 3 months to find your way!". Work can and should be a moment of fulfillment. When you are fully aligned with what you are doing, you are happy to go to work. On a daily basis, this can translate into boredom, a lack of desire and energy. Spend your time looking at your watch, surfing the Internet as one would wander in the street, extending your breaks, taking an hour to complete a file that only required fifteen minutes ... The bore-out can quickly be a source of suffering and become just as bad for health than burnout.

You are not satisfied with your working relationship

You may be passionate about your job, but if you are out of step or out of step with your colleagues and or superiors, it may undermine you considerably. "To use Maslow's pyramid, the need to belong reveals the social dimension of the individual," says Bérangère Toucheman. We all need to feel accepted by the groups in which we evolve, especially at work. We also define ourselves in relation to these relationships. So, when you no longer recognize yourself in the culture conveyed by your company, by the values of your hierarchy or when you no longer feel recognized by the group, it is time to look elsewhere! »A more family business? A large group? A start-up? There are 1001 ways to do the same job, it's up to you to find an atmosphere that suits you best.

Body ailments

Belly swell, altered sleep, palpitations on the way ... "When the body begins to send out warning signals, however slight they may be, it is opportune to take a step back and begin to take stock in order to identify s 'it is a temporary malaise or a deeper crisis requiring a change of job, or even of lane ", explains Marina Bourgeois, consultant in professional retraining and skills assessment-career assessment, founder of" Daring to dream his career ". "If on Sunday evening or Monday morning, you feel the onset of stress, this is not a good sign," confirms Hélène Picot. The limit comes when the body "speaks" and calls for change. From the moment you start to somatise, when your back is full, when you no longer "digest" what you are doing ... until the climax, the burn out, it is more than time to branch off towards a path more in keeping with your values. "

You tell yourself that your work is meaningless

We can have a very comfortable professional situation, envied by many, but which in the end does not meet our need to accomplish ourselves. "This is the height of human aspirations," says Bérangère Toucheman. It aims to get out of a purely material condition in order to achieve fulfillment. "This is how Marie Treppoz, marketing director in a Cac 40 group, left her post to give more meaning to her work. In order to feel more useful, she founded Welp, a free peer-to-peer support site.

People who are good at their jobs annoy you

Pierre climbs the ranks in his company, Annabelle praises good understanding with her colleagues, Stéphane and Inès are delighted with their new missions… And you, their happiness weighs on you! "Bitterness, even jealousy, towards happy loved ones at work are signals frequently encountered among dissatisfied at work," notes Marina Bourgeois. They testify to frustration or discomfort through a mirror effect. "

You wait for the days off with an inordinate wait

How many days do you have left to "hold out" before your next vacation? If you ask yourself this question regularly, it may not be trivial ... "A client that I accompany said to me in these terms:" I wait for weekends and holidays to really feel like I'm living

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