23 Well-being quotes and proverbs for deep reflection

23 Well-being quotes and proverbs: Deep reflection quotes

 What a battlefield existence is, and what a universal massacre, always seeking active charity. Well-being readily makes one indifferent, that is to say selfish.
Deep reflection quotes from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Fragments of a diary (1821-1881)

 Upon awakening, feeling of well-being and gratitude. My heart sang in unison with the birds.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, April 7, 1872.

 Beware! there is no hope so beautiful, so tempting as it is, which is worth a good honest reality, between duty and well-being.
Quote from Maxime Du Camp; The Lost Forces (1867)

 The human species must enjoy a precious degree of freedom and well-being.
Deep reflection quotes from Thomas Jefferson; Political and philosophical mixtures (1833)

 Everyone limits their well-being to the length of their carpet, says an Arabic proverb.
Quote from Rémy de Gourmont; Unpublished Thoughts (1920)

 To feel good about yourself is to accept yourself, to love yourself, to offer your face to the breath of the wind.
Quote from Paule Salomon; Living body (1983)

 Love does not seek its own pleasure, but gives others its well-being.
Quote from William Blake; The clod of earth and the pebble (1798)

 To feel alive is to feel strong. Rediscover that feeling of energetic vitality, vigorous activity, health, resilience, elasticity and power, which makes the well-being of the conscience and the satisfaction of the heart. To do this, sleep less, eat less, act more, in short, take better care of your hygienic diet and want to. - Do not let go, but boldly take the reins of your life; get back in the saddle, stretch his nervous forces and bring back to duty the pulpy and flabby matter, the lymphatic animal which envelops and oppresses the spiritual being.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, December 19, 1852.

 A nothing is enough to take away the well-being, as to disturbing the health.
Deep reflection quotes from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, November 2, 1877.

 Selfishness is the exclusive love of oneself, it is the thoughtful and permanent search for one's pleasure and well-being.
Quote from Victor Cousin; Truth, Beauty and Good (1858)

 In all good heart there is a noble feeling placed by nature, knowing that one should not be happy for oneself alone, but to seek one's happiness in the well-being of one's fellows.
Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Maxims and reflections (1749-1832)

 You should not fall asleep on the blanket of a current well-being, the slightest breath could dispel it and produce a painful awakening: What good days do not have good evenings! says a Chinese proverb. The overly positive leads to disgust and scares away all the young illusions that embellish life.
Quote from Louis-Auguste Martin; The moral spirit of the 19th century (1855)

 The happiness closest to reality is the fulfillment of modest desires, and the legitimate possession of the advantages which nature and society present to man. It is material well-being united with calm of consciousness.
Quote from Eugène Sue; Maxims and various thoughts (1857)

 It is during the heat wave that you should dress as warmly as possible. This then allows you to have, when you undress, an incomparable impression of freshness and well-being.
Quote from Pierre Dac; Thoughts (1972)

 Two things to take care of in order to be happy: conscience and capital.
Quote from Anne Barratin; From you to me (1892)

 The time for well-being is short in life, and life itself is fleeting.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, February 10, 1869.

 Life is wasted looking for its rhythm and its well-being, when health is faltering, nothing can remedy it.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, December 30, 1869.

 The treasure of bodily well-being, the joy of being cheerful, light, ready, vigorous, are something as rare as serenity of soul.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; Diary, June 30, 1876.

 Who in a mediocre state confines himself to well-being does not risk ruining himself.
Quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Julie or La nouvelle Héloïse (1761)

  Life is filled with opposing duties: what makes the well-being of one very often harms the happiness of the other, and those who are ready to devote themselves back down wondering if, in order to be of use to one person, it's not going to hurt many.
Quote from Cécile Fée; Maxims and Thoughts (1832)

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