5 Best Books on Self Improvement

5 Best Books on Self Improvement

Everything changes with the passage of time and the concepts of successful life have also evolved with it. One thing that has not changed with time is the source as even today books constitute the best sources of information for anyone on any subject. Of course; there has been the addition of e-books as the most sought-after source of information in the modern digital world on any topic including self-improvement. Here we provide for readers the information on the 5 best books on self-improvement.

4 Hour Workweek Tim Ferris

This book by Tim Ferriss is all about rule-followers in life and is one of the best books on self-improvement available for readers. It explains that most people are rule followers that remain loyal to the job they do till retirement time. Thereafter these people try to live the good life for the remaining years in their lives. In this book, the author shows ways of working less but earning more to create the ideal lifestyle.

Contents in the book are segmented into 4 parts as follows explaining the principles as DEAL.

 D stands for defining your ideal life

 E stands for eliminating anything unnecessary

 A Stands for automating the repetitive

 L stands for liberating oneself to enjoy his or her new life.

The ideas in the book are invaluable for developing the ideal life and are time tested best practices for it. Contents in the book are not only eye-openers on multiple counts but are also a perfect guide for people looking for self-improvement. The book contains an ideal description of ways to avoid getting stuck with stereotyped jobs and live a more meaningful and unique life.

This is the second one in our list of 5 best books on self-improvement in which the author Judy Robinett focuses on relationship management in life. She explains –

 The way to create your entire relationship network

 How to best organize them

 How to reach out to them, and

 What and when to say something.

Contents of this book on self-improvement revolve around value addition to one’s connections and helping out people whenever possible without seeking any return.

The author takes to this by defining a novel top 155 formula broken up into 5+50+100. As a person creates more relationships involving more and more people in the process and helping them out the rewards will be coming reciprocally from such people at the end of it. The suggested process is long-term but will ultimately produce rewarding results. The true worth of the book is in its enlightening information on –

 Creating new relations;

 Maintaining the existing ones; and

 Introducing new friends to the older ones.

Also; it explains why it is necessary not to forget those contacts that do not live nearby and difficult to approach.

 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Betty Smith

This is the 3rd in our list of the 5 best books on self-improvement and is different from the first two because unlike those non-fiction books this is a fiction book in which the author explains things through an engrossing story. The powerful story by Betty Smith is set up in the background of Brooklyn in the early 20th century. The narration is about Francie Nolan growing up and learning about her own and the world around her. Contents of the book focus on little pleasures like getting a Christmas tree to meet the harsh realities of life.

Unlike others, this book does not provide a step-by-step way of self-improvement but contains enough material for the reader to conclude the path to follow. On the other hand, it shows the reader –

 Powerful impacts of education;

 Importance of reading; and

 Meeting the challenges in life.

The book enlightens on how challenging life can be even when one is putting her best through relentless works. To sum up; the book can create dramatic changes in the reader’s way of looking at life.

This highly motivational non-fiction book by John C Maxwell is a natural choice in the list of 5 best books on self-improvement is based on the concept of failure is the pillar of success. Instead of getting discouraged by failure, it should be accepted as an indicator of making progress in the right direction. The theories advanced in the book are as follows.

 Failure is an inside job;

 It is not running away but meeting the setbacks in one’s strides makes one great; and

 The book keeps the primary focus on effective ways of facing adversities.

The author aims to provide insight on how to be different from average people that get disheartened by setbacks and be successful in life. The contents are based on ways to face the failures and overlooking them progressing in life. In short; the book works as a guide for people experiencing failures and to get back on track of success. Towards this end, the author depends on various anecdotes offered by real people that have failed in life and the steps such people took to get out of the ditch. These examples are inspirations for those facing failure in life.

This is the fifth one in our list of 5 best books on self-improvement by one of the greatest authors Dale Carnegie. Written way back in 1936 this book has sold over 15 million copies and is a recorded personal development best seller book. The book focuses on the two primary desires of people; winning friends and becoming influential. Some of the reasons for the massive popularity of this book are –

 Fluent narration in easy to understand language;

 Contents showing simple techniques for the achievement of the goal-setting; and

 Easy to follow methods.

The classic self-improvement book helps reader to-

Building up self-esteem and confidence;

Communicate better with others; and

Achievement of easy connectivity with friends and power to influence others.

Even though this book was created several decades ago and some of the recommendations have become outdated; many instructions have withstood the test of time and are still extremely valuable. Contents of the book are especially valuable for beginners with a solid foundation in having a successful lifestyle for such people.

Many can count as the best books on self-improvement but these five easily stand out in the crowd.

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