Mental well being is important but no one seems interested in talking about it.

We help connect individuals who understand that overcoming mental problems is only possible when they are talked about it


We welcome volunteers to share their success stories of how they battled their dements" and -tame out victorious to give hope to the ones who're still battling their demons.


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Our goal:

"You deserve to be happy."

We Share Valuable Experiences to Help You Get Better.

'BunchofBrains' aims to connect peopel who had triumphed over their mental issues with individuals who are still struggling with their mental wellbeing to create a community of support in this crucial part of overall healththey have stories..
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An informative online resource to provide the knowledge and tools you need to improve your mental health and find balance

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Individuals from all walks of life who join us in our mission to create a free support community
Helping more people life a far better and happier life
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